Emiliata Villa is situated in Spartia village in Kefalonia, in the community of Livathos   which is famous for its sandy beaches and the traditional settlements. That’s the reason why it’s called the “Lady of Kefalonia”.

The advantageous location of the villa offers to the visitor boundless view of the three horizon spots East, South and West. If you visit the villa you shouldn’t go without enjoying a cup of greed coffee or tea in one the villa’s balconies looking at the magic sunset, the sea and the breathtaking scenery.

Our garden, devoted to kefalonian tradition is earthling with big and small clay pots. Specially cared by Evangelia are the many roses as well as the other flowers such as cloves, jasmines and the corals offering magnificent colours and smells.

During your stay in Emiliata   villa you can taste many fruit from our trees, such as apricots, pears, lemons, plums depending on the season.

Spartia village is situated in Livathos area, which is famous for its beautiful, sandy beaches with shallow and clear waters as well as the traditional and well-maintained villages, churches and monuments, surviving through time.

Spartia is a seaside, traditional village, on the southeast part of the island, and one of the oldest settlements of Kefalonia. A remarkable sample of old architecture is the St. Gerassimos’ of the  15th century. The location of the village offers the visitor breathtaking view of Ainos National Forest and the endless coastline of southeast Kefalonia!

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